Xenon lamps

WACOM Xenon lamps have excellent capabilities (high luminance, point light source, high color rendering) plus spectral distribution very close to natural sunlight, which is why they are used in our solar simulators and many different fields.

Xenon lamps for Photovoltaic cells


This is for solar simulator.
This Xe lamps is key parts to our solar simulators.


Xenon lamps for other uses

For Spectroscopes, Projectors, Industrial lighting, Planetariums, Fish lamp, and more.

Precautions in Handling

  • The lamp emits powerful UV radiation and pressure within the lamp rises when in use. Only operate the lamp in an appropriate lamp housing.Do not look directly into the lamp without eyes protection when it is lit.Strong UV radiation may damage the eyes.
  • Cleaning the lamp with alcohol soaked soft and clean cloth before operation is always recommended.Fingerprints and other grime on the lamp surface may interfere with normal operation.Thermal expansion can result in damage if the caps at both ends of the lamp are tightened. Allow 2-3 mm of movement on one side of the lamp when attaching it.
  • UV lamp specification is for the vertical point light. Be sure the cap labeled"UP" is always facing upward. In addition, check the polarity when fixing the lamp. Operating with reversed polarity may result in damage or other problems.
  • Be sure the lamp and lamp housing terminals are not oxidized or discolored before fixing to prevent problems caused by a loose connection.
  • The bulb part of our xenon lamps come wrapped in a protective film. Be sure to remove the film before operating the lamp. Operating the lamp with the film must result in problems.
  • Be sure the persons or company responsible for disposing of used lamps are licensed for disposing of industrial waste. The lamps contain high-pressure gases, mercury and other materials that may cause injury or environmental damage.