Long Pulse Solar simulator
(Pulse type)

These solar simulator is built of our own xenon short arc lamp, unique optic filters and lenses technologies developed here at Wacom Electric to create an optical system capable of providing more natural, optimized artificil light for evaluating the output of crystalline silicon and other photovoltaic panels.

Primary uses

  • Light source for I-V characteristic evaluation of PV cells or module


  • JIS、IEC standard conforming CLASS AAA
  • Irradiance : 1(sun)
  • Pulse Width 80(ms)~800(ms)
  • Specified I-V measuring system is needed for Long pulse solar simulator
Effective Irradiance area
500×500 WPSS-5.0×5.0-50,AM1.5G
1,500×1,200 WPSS-1.5×1.2-50×4,AM1.5G
2,000×1,400 WPSS-2.0×1.4-50×6,AM1.5G

*Contact us If you require differ iiradiance area of above list.