Super Solar simulator
(Continuous type,Two lamp system)

This simulator consist of xenon lamp and halogen lamp to improve artificial light more closely to actual sunlight than one lamp system.

Primary uses

    • Light source for I-V characteristic evaluation of PV cells or module
    • Light source for Light resistance test


    • JIS、IEC standard conforming CLASS AAA
    • Irradiance : 1(sun)
    • AM 0 is available (Option)
    • Improve spectral distribution with combination Xe and Harogen lamp
Effective Irradiance area 
90×90 WXS-90S-L2,AM1.5GMM
156×156 WXS-156S-L2,AM1.5GMM
200×200 WXS-200S-L2,AM1.5GMM
220×220 WXS-220S-L2,AM1.5GMM

*Contact us If you require differ iiradiance area of above list.